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If you are planning a holiday with exciting nightlife and a mixture of historical spots, then Ayia Napa is the perfect destination.  What was once a remote fishing village, the area has expanded into a cosmopolitan tourist spot with crisp blue waters and delicious cuisine.  Ayia Napa, which is now translated into English as Agia Napa from the Greek, is considered to be the prime spot for nightlife in all of Cyprus.

Take a dive into Nissi Bay during the day or visit the Macronissos Tombs.  At night, dine at Los Bandidos where you can choose a delicious Mexican dish.  One of the largest reasons why Ayia Napa has expanded into a tourist spot is because of the clubs and bars.  The tourists’ organization in the village has been working hard to bring more and more young adults to the area.  Those who have been to Ayia Napa can tell you that there are so many bars and clubs that it is impossible to visit just one.

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